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Why Valley Solar?


What does “bringing solar home” mean?
It means our decades of improving the homes of Pioneer Valley residents has given us a unique perspective on solar installations.
We understand the value of long-term customer relationships and we know it takes honesty, transparency, and the highest-quality work to forge them. Ask any of our lifelong customers who return to us again and again to improve their homes.
So even though solar is a one-time purchase, our approach often transforms solar customers into ongoing Valley Home Improvement customers. Call it an ulterior motive, but our customers love the extra attention. This may explain why we have the most 5-star reviews of any local installer and why we consistently win the Gazette’s Reader’s Choice Award.

See what our customers say about us!


We sweat the details.

A successful solar installation, like any home-improvement project, means sweating the details up front to get that perfect finished look in the end. That’s why we use the same precision design and assessment tools on your solar project as we would on the most complex remodeling job—tools such as 3D laser scanners and thermal imaging. We even have our own in-house CAD department to nail every last detail so there are no “surprises” on the job.

We don’t out-source your job either. Valley Solar personally handles every aspect from design and permitting to all electrical and installation work to ensure impeccable work-site management and clear communication throughout.

We stand behind our work.

With three decades in business, Valley Solar credibly stands behind its work with a standard 25-year workmanship warranty. This is double what most installers offer. We also provide a roof-penetration warranty up to 25 years on newer roofs.

We service all equipment we install free of charge for the life of the manufacturer’s warranty. All our systems come with lifetime monitoring so we can diagnose most problems before you even know you have one. Do solar once, do it right and get the best warranty coverage.

Solar is Just the beginning.

Our customers seem to like working with us, so why stop at solar? For residential clients, we now offer Gold Star Home Repair a fee-based, home-repair service only for Valley Solar/Valley Home Improvement clients. We know the frustration of finding a trustworthy repair service for those small jobs, so we are here for you whatever you need with fully vetted, capable repair services.
Request Gold Star Home Repair, Valley Solar/VHI clients only

We bring broad resources and perspective.

In addition to solar and battery storage, we offer remodeling, electrical contracting, repair and weatherization services. With our resources and experience, we understand solar is just one part of a system, both in terms of aesthetics and function. Along with Valley Home Improvement, we can handle anything you need.

We make solar affordable.

Affordable solar is accessible solar.

With 30 years in business, our overhead is low and our operational efficiency is high. So even though we have the longest warranty coverage, we still manage to routinely beat the state average cost/watt by 20% or more.

We also keep costs low by selling you only what you need. We are not obligated to sell any one high-priced brand of panels and we won’t over-sell you. Instead, we work backwards from your goals to come up with the perfect solution for you.

Many of our customers pay zero down and see positive cashflow the first year and every year after that.

We put customers first.

Going solar should be about you and your goals not someone else’s agenda.

To make the best decision, you need space and transparency, not jargon and lectures. That’s why Valley Solar created Easy Quote, our no-hassle quoting process, to provide accurate quotes in hours, not days, with no home visit required.

With Easy Quote, you get basic questions answered upfront. “Is solar right for me?” Easy Quote includes an unbiased “Solar Score” of your site potential -- score over 90%, your site is excellent; score below 60%, we don’t recommend it. It’s that simple.

Your Free Quote will Include:

  • Solar Score: An unbiased score of your solar potential
  • Estimated energy production and bill savings
  • Costs and incentives broken down
  • Financing options side-by-side
  • Warranty terms and equipment specifications
  • Approved quotes will be finalized with a detailed on-site assessment

Get Easy Quote


Our team is locally grown and incredibly talented. If you are interested in employment opportunities click here. Valley Solar offers full benefits, generous profit sharing and a great work environment.

Valley Solar Team

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