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Ground Mounts – Making Your Home Perfect for Solar Power

Ground mount systems typically feature south-facing rows of panels, or modules, mounted on fixed rail systems. Great for people with land, poor roof scenarios, or high electric needs.


A ground mount is ideal for people who want a high power output with the least visual disruption to their home or property, or who will want to expand their power output in the future. They are a sleek, low profile solar option that can be tucked out of sight for your peace of mind and will not disrupt the aesthetic lines of your home.


Ground mounted systems are ideal for people who have lots of sun and space to spare. If your house has a slate roof or a roof with poor sun orientation, chimneys, skylights, or too much shade, this is an efficient system to put in place. We will work with you to find the most efficient solution for your needs.


Ground mounts may not be the best solar solution for every home. Because they require a significant amount of ground space, people with smaller yards might find them too close for comfort. They can also have a higher up front cost than an option like roof mounted solar panels.

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