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Why 2022 May be the Last, Best Year to Go Solar

Why 2022 May be the Last, Best Year to Go Solar

As it stands, after 2022 the 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit will be reduced by 18% before it is ended entirely by 2024. 

Valley Solar is hoping, just like you, that Congress will pass legislation to extend the tax credit in some form. We just don’t know if it is going to happen. 

As things stand, if you don’t have a system installed and operational before the end of 2022, you could lose out on thousands of dollars in solar incentives just for waiting! 


Electricity rates are at an all-time high- and MA has the highest rates in the country after Hawaii. If you own your own home or business, switching from utility power to solar can save you upwards of 30- 50% on your energy costs.

Taking advantage of the solar rebates and incentives available makes switching to solar both affordable in the short term and helps kick your electricity bill to the curb in the long term. 


Let’s break down exactly what waiting to invest loses you.  

If you pay $20,000 for a residential solar energy system, here is how much you would pay for that system with the federal tax credit taken out:   

If you go solar in 2022: $20,000 – ($20,000 * 0.26) = $14,800 total cost  

If you go solar in 2023: $20,000 – ($20,000 * 0.22) = $15,600 total cost

If you go solar in 2024: $20,000 – ($20,000 * 0.00) = $20,000 total cost

Commercial properties switching to solar will receive the following tax credits:   

If you go solar in 2022: $20,000 – ($20,000 * 0.26) = $14,800 total cost 

If you go solar in 2023-2025: $20,000 – ($20,000 * 0.22) = $15,600 total cost

If you go solar in 2026: $20,000 – ($20,000 * 0.10) = $18,000 total cost


It is clear why you would want to go solar before the end of this year, but that is not the only important timeline factor to know. 

Solar energy system installation doesn’t happen overnight. Design, permitting and installations can take a few months. Even more importantly, the entire solar industry is experiencing supply chain shortages that are extending installation timelines. At Valley Solar, we recommend that people make the decision to go solar by April 1 to ensure a 2022 installation date.  

We provide a customized, completely free solar consultation for your home or business. Use our Easy Quote form below, or give us a call at (413) 584-8844 to request your free solar savings estimate, and one of our experts will answer all of your solar questions. 

Time is running out to save the most. Don’t hesitate on solar! 

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