Why Valley Solar

Pursuing solar can be confusing. 

Our goal is to make it simple.  

We recommend what’s best for you and your home. No templates, preconceived ideas, or 3rd party requirements. Just the best solution.

We will handle every aspect of the installation, from designing the system to removing trees in order to maximize the system’s potential. You can rest easy knowing our expert installers will safely and securely integrate all the necessary components.

We offer a 15-year installation warranty and the equipment we install carries industry-standard 25-year warranties. This warranty is transferable to the new owner of the home, when needed.

And we’re local, with over 25 years of providing expert advice with professional, personal service. Our employees live and work right here in the Valley. We're probably your neighbors, friends, friends of friends, or family. Who else would you trust to work on your home?