What is a PV tracker?

Solar trackers are single or dual-axis ground mounted solar arrays, and our favorite option since they typically produce 45% more energy than a fixed angle array. It places the panels, or modules, off the ground on a fixed pedestal base that rotates to follow the path of the sun - all day, every day - using simple GPS technology.

Why consider a PV tracker?

Tracker systems remain perpendicular to the sun all day long; they literally follow the sun across the sky. Trackers typically produce 45% more energy per square foot than the same sized fixed array. 

Who needs PV trackers?

Tracker systems are ideal for people who need simple solutions to complex problems. If your house has a slate roof, or a roof with poor orientation, or too much shade, or your property space is limited, this is the most efficient system to put in place. We will work with you to find the most best solution for your needs. 

Are there disadvantages? 

Trackers may not be the best solar solution for every home. Because they consist of moving hydraulic parts, maintenance will be required every ten years to ensure they are performing efficiently. 

Not sure if this is right for you? We're here to help