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Tesla Powerwall 3 Now Available in Massachusetts

Valley Solar is pleased to announce that tech giant Tesla Energy has chosen Valley Solar to launch the Powerwall 3 in Massachusetts.

Below, we will walk through everything to know about the Powerwall 3, including its benefits, Tesla Powerwall costs, and a few reasons why the industry’s most well-known solar battery manufacturer trusts Valley Solar to debut its newest product to homeowners in Massachusetts.

Introducing The Tesla Powerwall 3

Announced in September 2023, the Powerwall 3 is the latest and most advanced model of Tesla Energy’s flagship residential lithium-ion battery storage system. To put it into perspective, here is a brief history of Tesla battery products.

tesla powerwall 3 outside home

  • 2015: Tesla debuts the Powerwall, bringing its battery technology from the electric vehicle (EV) industry into homes across the US.
  • 2016: The Tesla Powerwall 2 is released, including twice as much storage capacity as the original home battery.
  • 2021: Without making too many headlines, Tesla quietly introduces the “Powerwall +,” a more capable update to the Powerwall 2, that for the first time sees the Powerwall include an integrated PV inverter.

Fast forward to February 2024, and the new Powerwall 3 is officially available to purchase through trusted Tesla partners like Valley Solar in Massachusetts

Benefits of the Tesla Powerwall 3

Before we go into the nitty-gritty details about what makes this system Tesla’s most capable solar battery yet, let’s first look at its three key benefits. 

Electricity Bill Savings

Increase electricity bill savings in a variety of ways:

  • Self supply mode for customers ineligible for MA net energy metering, including those who have municipal utilities. 
  • Participation in Grid Sharing Programs such as Connected Solutions

Protection against Power Outages

TheSmart Whole Home Backup Protection provides:

  • Intuitive “whole home” backup 
  • Capability to power any load found in a typical home
  • Automatic islanding in the event of a blackout
  • Ability to integrate with a generator for a “belt and suspenders” approach to energy  security
  • Other smart energy features to prepare for and endure periods without utility electricity

Home Energy Optimization

Allows you to have greater control over your home’s energy:

  • Run on solar energy day and night
  • Charge EVs on Solar Only
  • Building block for future home automation products

Game-Changing Thermal Management System

Powerwall 3 has a new thermal management system that provides for greater installation flexibility:

  • Outdoor installation in the New England climate with little to no reliability loss, even in harsh winter environments
  • Outdoor installations that avoid costly indoor battery closets
  • Pad mounting away from the structure for even greater flexibility

What can the Powerwall 3 Power? 

During an electrical outage, a fully-charged Powerwall 3 can run refrigerators, lights, Wi-Fi routers, and small medical devices as well as televisions, other kitchen appliances, and even efficient HVAC systems, including 5 ton air conditioning units. The Powerwall 3 tagline is “Power Everything.”  With 150 Lock Rotor Amps (LRA) of starting power, you pretty much can start any load found in a typical home, so you no longer need to choose what to run.  

With just one Powerwall 3, using smart energy management and ongoing charging from solar power production,  you can create a sustainable and isolated energy system to power your life with solar throughout prolonged local outages or even just to run on solar every night, overnight.    

But, if you ever wanted more, PW3 is more expandable than ever.  You can run up to four (4) Powerwall 3’s on a single 200 amp breaker, producing up to 46 kW of continuous power.  And if you wanted to expand stored energy instead of continuous power, Tesla will be releasing the Powerwall DCX in 2024 to add 13.5 kWh of stored energy potential to double the stored energy of a single PW3.

Powerwall 3 vs. Powerwall 2 and Product Specifications

While the Powerwall 2 and Powerwall + remain great, capable home solar batteries, the Powerwall 3 represents a large step forward in solar energy management. Critically, the Powerwall 3 includes a built-in inverter, which allows for higher efficiency solar power production, storage, and use.

Measuring 43.25” x 24” x 7.6’”, the system is compact, durable, easy to install, and includes a 10-year warranty period. With the capacity for more solar power input than ever before (see the image below), the Tesla Powerwall 3 is also engineered for less required wiring and fewer “boxes” on your property. 

tesla powerwall specs

How much does the Tesla Powerwall 3 cost?

Tesla Powerwall installation costs are high variable and depend on the unique details of your project. While every project includes hardware and labor expenses for the new equipment, individual Tesla Powerwall costs can decrease per unit with each additional battery installed. It’s important to note that the price of home batteries may  be affected if bundled with other energy system purchases, such as new solar panels, an electric panel upgrade or the Tesla Universal Wall Connector . This new for 2024 charger will charge any EV (Tesla and non-Tesla), without adaptors, using the innovative “Magic Dock”.

Tesla Battery Incentives and Programs in MA

To reduce total Tesla battery investment costs, there are several federal and local programs available for homeowners in Massachusetts. Nationally, the Residential Clean Energy Credit can be redeemed for a tax credit of up to 30% of the costs of a system. 

In Massachusetts, Tesla battery owners may also be able to participate in Connected Solutions programs with National Grid, Eversource, or other electric providers. Once enrolled, battery owners can export electricity to the grid during periods of peak energy demand and in turn, be rewarded financially for supplying power when it is needed most. 

Choose Valley Solar in MA for the Tesla Powerwall 3 

Tesla Energy granted us the first opportunity to debut the Powerwall 3 in Massachusetts.  We can only assume that the decision was made based on our local reputation, experience, and solar battery expertise. 

  1. Our Reputation: Since 2015, we’ve empowered over 1,300 homeowners in Massachusetts to go solar, while maintaining a 4.9-star rating on Google and an A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau
  2. Our Energy Storage Experience: Valley Solar was an early adopter of Energy Storage installations as the next big innovation in solar energy – turning solar from a “sunny day” energy source to a 24/7 energy source on demand.  Without battery storage, solar will never fulfill its promise of replacing fossil fuel energy at scale.  Installing energy storage is much more challenging than installing solar alone.   But we have invested in the training and our electricians collectively hold over 30 energy storage training certifications. Other installers may pay lip service to battery installations, but most of them have installed few to no batteries and don’t have the experience or the training to confidently install these systems.  This is too bad, because the state of Massachusetts has heavily subsidized battery installs with approximately 75% of the cost covered by Federal and State tax credits and incentives, including zero-interest loans through Mass Save.  When we hit our 500th  battery install in Western Massachusetts in the spring of 2024, we expect it will be with a Tesla Powerwall 3.   
  3. Our Expertise: With a commitment to quality, all of Valley Solar’s work is performed by our extensively trained, in-house Tesla-certified designers, electricians, installers, and personnel. 

If you are interested in becoming one of the first Tesla Powerwall 3 owners in Massachusetts, feel free to reach out to Valley Solar today. Whether you are a new or existing customer, our team will be happy to answer any questions and facilitate your home energy solution with a Tesla Powerwall battery.  

Contact us today for a free consultation!