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Valley Solar Savings Calculator

Calculate Solar Savings

Current Electricity Rate (Without Solar) $0.285/kwh (MA Average)

How much is your current electric bill?

Future Cost of electricity without solar depends on energy inflation.

Predict annual energy inflation:

Choose your solar site potential:

Calculate Your Solar Savings

NOTE: MA electric rates jumped 18% YoY to March 2022 (Eversource and National Grid)
Savings Estimates Include 26% Fed Tax Credit (expires 12/31/22)

Your Monthly Cost of Electricity With Solar:

Outright Purchase

Your Monthly Cost of Electricity With Solar:

Financed Purchase
0.99% Interest Zero Down

Your Monthly Cost of Electricity With Solar:

Leased System
3rd Party Ownership Zero Down

*Based on 25-year Levelized Cost of Energy for typical MA solar investment including financing cost if financed and net of all tax credits and incentives divided by total projected kwh production over systems components’ warrantied 25-year lifetime, expressed in nominal dollars. For illustration purposes only.