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Our Referral Program

Make Some Green By Helping Friends Go Green

Know someone who should check out solar? Give them a solar referral. If you have friends or neighbors who are considering solar power for their home or business, simply fill out our form and provide their contact information. We will reach out to them to offer a free, no-obligation solar score and consultation. Alternately, if you were yourself referred by someone else – let us know in the form below.

Download the Valley Solar app and you could earn $1,000 on the first successful referral you make using the app ($500 for each subsequent one).

The Valley Solar app makes it easy to refer friends from social media or your address book. You can even post on social media right from the app—if someone acts on it, you get the credit and cash!
Additional features of the Valley Solar app:

  • Message Valley Solar with questions or to schedule service
  • View your system monitoring
  • Write Reviews or Post Referral Links on your Favorite Social Media Platform
  • Receive Notifications of Technical Bulletins or Promotions (optional)

Refer a homeowner and if they install a system from Valley Solar, you qualify for a $500 referral award.
Refer a business and you could qualify for a $1000 referral award!

  • Please enter their name