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Our Services-VIDE

Solar PV for Home, Business or Farm

Valley Solar InstallationResidential Solar
Valley Solar has hundreds of satisfied residential throughout western MA and has more five-star reviews than any other local installer.
Here are just a few of the reasons why MA is a great market for solar.

  • Reduce or eliminate energy bills (MA electric rates are 3rd highest in USA)
  • Claim generous state and federal tax credits
  • Receive monthly incentive payments
  • Increase the value of your home, but not your property taxes
  • Enjoy the feeling of being a green energy producer
  • A properly designed solar system will serve your energy needs for decades, but pay for itself in a scant 6-8 years.

Solar for Business or Farm
Here are some reasons why solar is a great fit for MA business:

  • Take advantage of tax credits and accelerated depreciation
  • Increase the value of your real estate without increasing property taxes
  • Increase employee morale
  • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability
  • Eliminate or reduce the impact of volatile energy costs
  • Increase profits by lowering costs
  • Stay competitive
  • Rural zoned businesses and farms can receive additional grant monies

Let experts at Valley Solar guide you through the potential tax savings and benefit opportunities for your business PV project.

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Battery Energy Storage Systems

Valley Solar offers both AC coupled and DC coupled battery storage systems for home or business. So whether you wish to retrofit an existing PV system or commission a new system with storage, we have you covered. Continue Operating Your PV System even During Power Outages. No need to source fuel or perform costly maintenance.

  • Back up Power during Grid Outages
  • Continue using PV energy even when the grid goes down

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Electrical Contracting

Valley Solar is a licensed full-service electrical contractor and performing residential and commercial work.
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Weatherization Contracting

Proper weatherization can reduce a structure’s energy costs by up to 30%. The experts at Valley Weatherization will identify the most cost-effective ways to lower your bills and also help you receive Mass Save grants and incentive money. Energy independence is not just what you produce, but what you save.
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