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Financing, Insurance and Warranties

Valley Solar Financing and Insurance 

Residential Solar Financing: 

So, you are pretty close to pulling the trigger on a new solar project for your home which will forever change the way you think about energy (for the better).  And you are pretty sure you want to work with a local company that offers personalized service and does its own installation work.  But you are still wondering how you are going to pay for it, what the up-front costs might be and what maintenance and insurance plans might be available to secure your investment.  

Because as great as solar might be for the planet, and as good of a long-term investment it might be, you ideally still want to save money from the get go, right? 

Well, the good news is that Valley Solar gives you the best of both worlds — personalized service from a reputable local company and access to great financing options and insurance that usually only bigger companies can offer.   

Valley Solar offers you three great ways to finance your solar investment.  All financing options offer the inclusion of a battery system so never need to worry about power outages. 

Ownership with 100% Financing.  This means zero money down and a solar bill that is lower than your old utility bill payment, so you get instant savings.  As utility rates rise over time (up 12% since January 2021!), your payment stays steady, so you save even more.  If you want no bill at all, you can just pay off the entire loan with no penalty and enjoy free electricity for decades.  Solar loans have surprisingly low interest rates and easy credit terms (min FICO 550) because solar is highly “bankable.”  This means the banks know solar puts more money in your pocket not less, so odds are you will easily make the payments. 

 Valley Solar offers financing options of 10, 20 or even 25 years. 

The advantages of ownership are that you will save the most money over time (provided you qualify for the 30% Fed Tax Credit), you get to keep all the incentives and tax credits, plus you never have to worry about 3rd party ownership or extra paperwork when you sell your house. 

Leasing or PPA (Power Purchase Agreement): Valley Solar offers a PPA option for those not wishing to own their solar system.  Ask us for details.

System Ownership Outright Cash Purchase or Bring Your Own Loan:  About 1/3 of our customers simply want to buy in cash and be done with it.  If you are in that position, great.  You should make about 40% of your investment back in one year and the rest over the next about 6-8 years.  Then, you can just enjoy the free electricity with solar panels, racking and inverters that are warrantied for 25 years.  Or if you want to tap a home equity loan you already have, or borrow from a local bank or credit union, that is fine, too. 

Commercial Financing: Information coming soon. 

Warranties and Insurance: 

Valley Solar offers its own 10-year workmanship warranty and provides warranty service for the equipment it installs under the manufacturer’s warranties.  All the panels and racking and inverters we sell carry a 25-year warranty.  We also provide a 10-year roof penetration warranty, standard. 

You can find downloadable manufacturer’s warranties for specific panels, inverters, racking and trackers on our Client Resources page.