Yes! There are 3 ways to pay for you solar system

  1. Cash
    When you add the savings with no electric bill, your system will pay for itself in 4-6 years. As you accumulate SREC Income and Energy savings over 25 years, your solar system could prove to be one of the best investments in your portfolio. You’ll benefit from:

    • Federal tax credit

    • Massachusetts state credit

    • Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) income (depending on availability) 

  2. Mass Solar Loan
    The Mass Solar Loan program features a fixed, low interest rate, 10 year financing option with no pre-payment penalties, and re-amortization options.  The program also offers income based incentives that may help you reduce the cost of your system. A Mass Solar Loan will allow you to own your system and take advantage of all the tax and SREC income advantages previously available only to cash customers.  
  3. Power Purchase Agreements & Leases
    Valley Solar does not participate in Lease or Power Purchase programs. Before the Mass Solar Loan program, these were among the only options available to homeowners who could not purchase their systems.  In these arrangements, the Lease or Power Purchase Solar Company owns the solar system and receives all the tax incentives and SREC income from the system - and the homeowner typically receives a modest reduction in their electrical bill. 

Still wondering what will work for you?  We are here to help - contact us.