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Get a Fast Solar Estimate with Easy Quote from Valley Solar

No home visit required – initial call is by phone!


Consider this:

Save money with Valley Solar

  • The US Energy Price Index is up 86% year over year (EPI 7/22)
  • Inflation is at a 40-year high
  • Energy inflation can reduce your savings over time
  • But qualifying homes can save 50% or more on energy costs with solar
See how much solar can save you.
How much is your monthly Electric Bill?

Your 25 Year Electricity Costs

Solar could save 30-50% or more on electricity costs with Zero money down!

*Based on average solar installation and average electric rates.

Step 1 of 2

  • Start typing your address, then select your address.
  • Drag the marker to the exact location of the Roof where you would like to install your system

Valley Solar keeps your data private.

Valley Solar is one of the states largest locally owned and operated independent solar contractors.

We do our own installation work with a 15-year labor warranty.

Our Journeyman and Master Electricians have over 100 years of combined electrical experience. We are experts in battery installations.

Valley Solar offers zero-down financing for instant savings and we can finance tree work or re-roofing into one easy payment on most projects. We also offer solar leasing options..

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