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Be Empowered By a Solar Battery

Be Empowered By a Solar Battery

Summer is quickly approaching and with it also comes hurricane season. Taking a proactive approach and getting prepared ahead of time ensures that you and your family are ready for whatever comes your way. In the past, preparing for storms meant gathering gallons of bottled water, flashlights, batteries, and candles just to name a few. These are still considered important to have on hand, but some options can have your house still operating as normal even in power outages.

The usual go-to for backup power is a gas- or diesel-powered generator, but there’s another, more environmentally friendly option: battery energy storage. That’s the system that lets homeowners store electricity from the power grid or rooftop solar panels, so it can be used during a power outage.

Why Do I Need a Solar Battery During a Power Outage?

If you have solar panels installed, they will continue to generate electricity during power outages, as they always do because the panels still absorb sunlight and solar energy. However, if your system is grid-tied, and you do not have a solar battery, you will not be able to use that energy to run your home during a power outage because your solar system will automatically shut off for safety reasons. The live electricity could electrocute a utility worker who is doing repairs on the grid. So, when panels detect an outage, they shut off. If you also have a battery backup system, you won’t have to worry about that.

Power Through Blackouts with a Solar Battery

Solar batteries offer emergency backup power when the grid goes down. During an outage, the batteries take over as a backup power source and ensure that your most important energy needs are still met.

The amount of power the batteries will provide to your home during a blackout is less than the amount of power that your home receives when powered by the grid. You will have to decide which circuits in your home should receive power during a blackout. You need to manage that power carefully. You’ll want to ensure that you have enough power to get through the night until the next day when the sun is shining strong enough to recharge your batteries. You do have the option to have multiple batteries which will expand your capabilities.

Do I need solar panels to have a home battery?

No. A home battery functions without solar panels by charging from the electrical grid. Without solar panels, a home battery can power your home for up to 24 hours, but it can be sized to provide more or less power, depending on your usage. A home battery can also save you money every day by charging when electricity is cheapest, and discharging when it’s most expensive. Finally, home batteries can make you money, even without solar panels, by providing valuable grid services to the utility.

How long can a home battery power my home during a power outage?

Theoretically, a home battery can power your home until the end of time, when paired with solar panels. Solar panels power your home during the day and recharge the battery, and the battery powers your home at night.

Solar home batteries can save lives

If you need electricity to operate home medical equipment having the ability to power your home during power outages can be the difference between life and death. We have heard customers say that the relief they now have knowing that they no longer have to worry about their loved ones when the power goes out is more than they can express.

Customers have also said that the ability to transition over to use the stored energy is so seamless that there isn’t much change in their home, and that while using the stored power that they don’t experience any differences and it feels just like using regular electricity.

Valley Solar is the area’s leading dealer for Generac PWRcell battery. Experience the feeling of independence, and peace of mind that using a solar battery can provide. Our team is here to answer your questions and provide you with the best solutions.

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