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Protected: 2022 Draft_Why Valley Solar?


Personalized Service

We get it. Solar is a big investment. 

But even if it’s totally new to you, shopping for solar shouldn’t be stressful.

At Valley Solar, we take the stress out of going solar by carefully answering your questions and explaining options up front. And if solar is not going to be right for you, we will tell you. You will work directly with one of our local solar pros, so you can feel sure you are getting accurate advice from real people who are passionate about solar and committed to your success. 

Our focus on your long-term satisfaction may explain why we have a 5-star google rating and consistently win consumer awards.

Get started today with a no-hassle Easy Quote. No home visit required.

See what our customers say about us!


We don’t outsource

Your installation, electrical work and warranty stay in-house with our expert team, so your experience meets our exacting standards from start to finish. This includes clear communication and considerate worksite management.

And when the job is finished, the relationship doesn’t end because your service calls get answered right here in Easthampton, not at a call center thousands of miles away.

With Valley Solar you only need one phone number. That’s accountability.


We stand behind our work with a 15-year installation warranty.

Valley Solar's standard 15-year installation warranty is unsurpassed in the area. We also provide a standard roof-penetration warranty of 15 years.

Valley Solar services everything it installs. All our systems come with lifetime monitoring so we can diagnose most problems before you even know you have one.

Why buy from a solar company that won’t even provide service after the sale?

Do solar once, do it right, and get the best warranty coverage.

We make solar affordable

Because affordable solar is accessible solar 

Valley Solar routinely beats the state cost/watt average by 20% or more, even while offering award-winning service and longer warranties. Our rates are competitive because our dedicated full-time team is highly skilled, and our process is smooth and efficient. 

 Many of our customers pay zero down and see positive cash-flow the first year, every year. Solar is easy to finance because the banks know you will have more money in your pocket with solar than you did before. And if you would rather lease your solar and not take on any debt, we can set you up with a lease or PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) which will slash your electric bill. 

With Valley Solar, everything is as it seems, including the savings. 

Easy to Work With

Going solar should be about you and your goals.

That’s why Valley Solar created Easy Quote, for no-hassle solar quotes and a free consultation with no home visit required.

With Easy Quote, simply book a consultation and we will do a preliminary analysis before the call, so you can get real answers to questions like, “How much energy will I generate and how much will I save?”

Your Easy Quote analysis includes an unbiased “Solar Score” of your site potential -- score over 90%, your site is excellent; score below 60%, we don’t recommend it. It’s that simple.

Your Free Quote Will Include:

  • Solar Score: An unbiased score of your solar potential
  • Estimated energy production and bill savings
  • Costs and incentives broken down
  • Financing options
  • Warranty terms and equipment specifications
  • Approved quotes will be finalized with a detailed on-site assessment

Get Easy Quote


Our team is locally grown and incredibly talented. If you are interested in employment opportunities click here. Valley Solar offers full benefits, generous profit sharing and a great work environment.

Valley Solar Team