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Solar Benefits

Solar Saves you Money

Solar may be one of the best investments you ever make.

Financial Benefits Include:

  • Tax Credits
    • State:  $1,000 MA Tax Credit
    • Federal: 30% of system cost
    • Additional State and Fed Tax Credits may be available for commercial projects.
  • State Incentive Program: Monthly cash payments for first 10 years
  • Utility Bill Savings: Reduce or even eliminate your energy bills.

See up to a 50% payback the first year, and a total payback in 6-8 years.

Typical residential system will generate lifetime net savings of $50,000 – $125,000

Cumulative Cashflow Chart

How much will you save?
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Certain customers qualify for additional benefits such as:

  • Low Income Electric rate customer incentives
  • Farm and Agricultural Property Grants
  • Rural Business Grants
  • Depreciation Tax Benefits for Commercial Projects
  • Special Low Interest Loans

Solar will increase your home value by approximately 120% of your net system cost (Berkley Labs)

Solar will not increase your property taxes (MA Dept of Treasury).

The yearly value produced by a typical system can cover 2-3 average mortgage payments!
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Battery Storage Systems Unlock Even More Incentives:

  • Tax Credits on Battery of 30%
  • Monthly State Cash Payments for 10 years
  • Seasonal Utility Cash Payments for Five Years
  • Zero Interest HEAT Loans Available

Financing:  Valley Solar can show you side-by-side financing options, including zero-down, low-interest loans.

Interested in Leasing?  Talk to Valley Solar so we can explain why owning your power may be the better option.
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Solar Helps the Environment

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Solar Saves Money

  • A typical home solar system prevents 8.5 metric tons of CO2 emissions/year
  • This is equal to 20,000 vehicle miles/year (EPA Calculator)
  • Solar Power can replace heating and transportation fuels
  • Solar begets solar – Your leadership encourages neighbors to go solar
  • Battery Storage lets you use clean energy day and night

Solar is a Safe Choice

Valley Solar Warranties its workmanship for 10 years

Most equipment we sell has a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty

Solar is maintenance free

  • Your system will include a monitoring app so you verify performance
  • Solar Protects you from energy price fluctuations
  • Battery Storage will protect your family during grid outages
  • Battery Storage allows your solar to operate indefinitely even when the grid is down

Solar Will Make You Smile

  • Consumer satisfaction is highest with solar among all major purchases (Greentech Media)
  • Everyone Loves Solar – High satisfaction rates cut across all demographics (GTM)
  • It feels good to generate your own electricity
  • Enjoy Freedom from volatile electric rates
  • Get triggered – seeing your panels will make you happy

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